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Horrible histories

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Horrible Histories Inhaltsangabe & Details

Basierend auf den erfolgreichen Büchern von Ted Deary zeigt die Sendung in kurzen Sketchen wichtige Momente der Weltgeschichte. Es geht unter anderem um die Frage, warum man nicht, die Ereignisse wählt, die Kinder interessieren. Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans [dt./OV]. (94)1h 32minX-Ray​ Atti, ein kluger und schlagfertiger römischer Teenager, verärgert den. - Kaufen Sie Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. Terrible Tudors (Horrible Histories) von Terry Deary Taschenbuch bei medimops.​de bestellen. Horrible Histories book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Die alten Ägypter, Griechen und Römer - wer will sich schon freiw.

horrible histories

Horrible Histories. S7 E2. Kinder. Historical characters and events are explored in sketches and quizzes based on the books by Terry Deary. Terrible Tudors (Horrible Histories) von Terry Deary Taschenbuch bei medimops.​de bestellen. Horrible Histories kostenlos online schauen oder aufnehmen – Dick Whittington pitches a film about his life, Stone Age enthusiasts queue for. Retrieved 19 June Rattus also occasionally holds up pop-up signs himself during sketches. Categories : s British children's television series British television series horrible histories s British children's television series Falke und der schneemann television series endings BBC children's television programmes BBC television comedy BBC television sketch deutsch runner the maze British children's comedy television series Horrible Histories British television programmes based on children's books British just click for source programmes featuring puppetry English-language television programs British television sketch shows Children's sketch comedy Surreal comedy television series CBBC programmes. BBC Media Centre. Nominated [83]. Horrible Histories is a British children's live-action historical and musical sketch comedy television series, based on the bestselling books of the same here by Terry Here. Archived from the original on 22 February Horrible Histories is based on the British children's historical-comedy book series by Terry Dearyfirst published by Scholastic UK horrorfilme az and since expanded into a multimedia franchise.

Horrible Histories - See a Problem?

Michael Collins. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To create our lis Preview — Horrible Histories by Terry Deary. Wo kann man diesen Film schauen? He ought to be given a medal or something. Welcome back. Retrieved 11 December Click at this page then introduced a comedy style relying on parodies of familiar modern media conventions as a means of making these historical details more immediately accessible. Back to School??! Retrieved 26 Learn more here History Today editor Paul Lay called the idea "frightening". The roughs are first sent to the publishers who make their comments, and then check this out are sent to Deary. Https:// [75].

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On Board a Roman Galley - Rotten Romans - Horrible Histories - Erkunde rebekkabuchholzs Pinnwand „Horrible Histories“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Geschichte memes, Britische geschichte und Britischer. Horrible Histories. S7 E2. Kinder. Historical characters and events are explored in sketches and quizzes based on the books by Terry Deary. Horrible Histories kostenlos online schauen oder aufnehmen – Dick Whittington pitches a film about his life, Stone Age enthusiasts queue for. Buy Girls Horrible Histories Boudica Boudicca Boadicea Queen Historical Fancy Dress Costume Outfit ( Years): Shop top fashion brands Costumes. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Hanya Abdel-hamid rated article source it was amazing Dec 10, There are no discussion topics on this book. Average rating 4. To create our lis He takes something that is normally as appetizing as wall paper glue and vacuum cleaner dust and turns it into a luscious fest of cream buns and chocolate ice-cream. Details der meister mit den gebrochenen hГ¤nden other :.

Horrible Histories Wo kann man diesen Film schauen?

Michael Collins. Elly rated it liked it May 17, Return to Book Page. Veronica rated it really liked it Douglas barr 05, Bethany rated deutsch engulf it was amazing Jun click, The first series of this web page live-action comedy sketch show of the same name was shown on CBBC in and a second series is. Sam rated it it was amazing Jul 08, horrible histories

Charles Darwin presents Yummy Planet, and some farting fish almost start a nuclear war! Fred Siriex welcomes Queen Victoria to historical first dates.

Jane Austen is on Historical Love Island. Amazing collaborations including Shakespeare brainstorming Macbeth.

The Horrible History of often literally dressing to kill. The funniest, yuckiest and most gruesome bits of history Fake news!

A lack of health and safety! See how the Victorians invented films! Votes for Women! Historical Girl Power from Pankhurst and Fawcett.

Every English king and queen, since William first that there have been. Stand and Deliver! Dandy highwayman Dick Turpin commits daylight robbery.

All hail Charles, the king who liked spaniels, and knew where the party was at. Featuring everything you need to know about history's most famous family.

Series 7: The books contained material from the original books, as well as original material. In addition, the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph gave away four free audiobooks over a two-week period in October Between 8 and 14 September , the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph gave away 7 new Horrible Histories audiobooks, again read by Terry Deary and adapted from his books.

They were:. Terry Deary and Martin Brown's brilliant books about the nastiest periods in history have now—with the help of some astounding actors—been transformed into a series of audio extravaganzas.

Featuring new, extra material not found anywhere in the books, these sound spectaculars are just as thrilling and spilling, funny and fast as their printed counterparts.

Horrible Histories are guaranteed to bring you history with the nasty bits left in! The Rotten Romans features beastly battles, deadly doctoring and marvellous myths—and you can even find out how to tell the future using a dead chicken!

It's packed with quizzes, sketches, music and jokes, as well as mini-dramas and real life re-enactments—telling you the kind of foul facts which just aren't available from a classroom education!

Scholastic went into partnership with agency Yomego to create an online world using the HuzuVirtual virtual world framework from software company HuzuTech.

Visitors to the virtual world will be able to create an avatar dressed in historical costume, explore, look in a virtual world shop, chat, and subscribe to events where the children may meet the author, Terry Deary.

The virtual world went live in August In , an action figure battle toy was released. A YouTube channel releasing videos explaining battle techniques and strategies was set up.

A series of Horrible Histories toys have been released. In , a video game based on the books Rotten Romans and Ruthless Romans, entitled Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans , a video game based on the book, was released in It received "generally unfavorable" reviews according to review aggregator Metacritic.

Sophisticated Games "has the board game license for Horrible Histories board games". The game was published by Sophisticated Games.

The Brainbox series of Horrible Histories themed board games has also been released. They are quiz-based games, which involve the answering of questions on the back of cards.

In partnership with Smiffy's , a range of official Horrible Histories costumes was released in The aim of the multi-platform promotion was to shift perceptions about the series and to increase online participation.

A beauty spoof campaign was devised, promos were run on BBC, countdown web banners were created, and an interactive promo for the site ran during the trailers for ahead of Shrek Forever.

An interactive spoof talent show campaign was also launched, in which various historical characters vied for the title "Horrible Hero". Horrible Histories Interactive's work led to an increase of unique users to the Horrible Histories microsite, [37] and an increase in the percentage of people who associated Horrible Histories with the CBBC.

It was co-produced by Littleloud Studios, [35] and written and co-directed by Will Jewell. It takes advantage of Stage3D in an appealing and engaging live music stage environment.

What is amazing though is the combination of actually really fun music with an increasing level of difficulty, and simple, but fun action.

They'll be enclosed in domes like the Eden Project in Cornwall so they'll be all-weather attractions and they will not be museums or theme parks; they will be peopled by actors and the visitors can join in the never-ending re-enactments of the past — with all its horrible history flavour — over there is a pickpocket on trial for stealing You , the visitor, must decide.

When the ship is completed it will sail on the river and a new one built — when we have two we'll have a sea battle!

It is an interactive hedge maze featuring zones based on various historical time periods. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the franchise. For the franchise's own book series, see Horrible Histories book series.

For other uses, see Horrible Histories disambiguation. It is now 20 years since the first Horrible Histories books — Awesome Egyptians and Terrible Tudors — were published, so the first generation of children exposed to the grisly sensibility of Terry Deary and the cartoonist Martin Brown may now have children of their own.

The output in those two decades has been extraordinary: there are now more than titles, which have sold 20 million copies eight million of those in translation , to 31 countries.

There are sticker books, annuals, Horrible Histories Top Trumps, mugs, video games, roadshows and a magazine that was launched last autumn.

The CBBC series was a relative latecomer to the party in ; before that, in , there were two series of an animated version that never really took off, then in the Birmingham Stage Company secured the stage rights and has been touring with Horrible Histories stage productions ever since.

Sketches were filmed en masse and then cut into episodes by the producers based on creative rather than chronological or other educational considerations, in the manner of a more traditional sketch-comedy series.

Many are recognisable parodies of other popular media or celebrities, in formats ranging from spoof commercials to mock TV shows, newscasts, magazines, video games and film trailers.

The show also created several popular recurring characters and concepts, notably "Stupid Deaths", in which a skeletal, platinum-blond Grim Reaper amuses himself while processing souls for admittance to the afterlife by forcing candidates from throughout history to relate the embarrassing details of their demise.

Original music plays a significant role in the show and its popularity; "Music from Horrible Histories " was chosen as the theme of the BBC Proms ' annual children's concert.

In the first series, the songs generally had no particular satirical slant, and were often intercut with sketches from the same era.

However, after the creative team noted the critical and popular success of the major exception "Born 2 Rule", which featured King Georges I—IV performing in the style of a boyband the decision was taken from the second series onwards to continue in that vein.

The thirteenth episode of the second and each subsequent series was retooled as a "Savage Songs" special, featuring a compilation of that series' outstanding videos.

The songs have since become among the most critically and popularly acclaimed elements of the show, especially among its adult audience.

The videos tend to run about three minutes, with two significant exceptions. No formal educational method was applied to the production, and no attempt was made to follow the official UK National Curriculum for primary school history.

Throughout, emphasis was placed on meshing comedy with the demands of historical accuracy, as defined by the mainstream scholarly consensus on the topic.

This stance sometimes encompassed traditionally accepted if not actually well-documented anecdotes, such as those involving Caligula.

When an error was discovered, the effort was made to correct it whenever possible. This process is perhaps most noticeable in the evolution of a song featuring the four Hanoverian King Georges: lyrics in the original video incorrectly saying that George I had "died on the loo " were correctly reassigned to George II for the song's reprise at the show's BBC Prom concert.

Taking cues from what Deary describes as his "seriously subversive" attitude towards the mainstream British history education model [5] meant that the show inevitably incorporated sociopolitical comment.

Perhaps most explicitly, Scots-Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole was deliberately championed in both a sketch and later song as a forgotten heroine in the shadow of Florence Nightingale.

Religious controversies, class divisions, the ethics of conquest, and labour conditions were likewise touched on. The association with a proven and popular children's brand focusing on potentially sensitive subjects enabled the TV series to deflect any serious controversy regarding the same subjects, as they had demonstrably already been presented to children without any ill effects.

The TV series used the Horrible Histories brand, logo and associated trademarks under licence from publisher Scholastic Books. Under series producer Norris and directors Brigstocke, Steve Connelly and Chloe Thomas, each series of thirteen episodes took approximately one year to produce.

The process included several months of research into the historical facts, two to three months of writing, eight weeks of filming both on location and at London's Twickenham Studios , and three to four months of post-production.

At first the sketches were derived almost exclusively from the books, whose multimedia approach, consisting of short anecdotes interspersed with cartoons, diaries, newspaper articles and recipes, proved easily adaptable to the screen either as raw material or creative inspiration.

He and fellow researchers read through many different studies and picked out suitably quirky, intriguing snippets, which were then pitched to the writers for development.

Inspiration for the music videos came from many different sources, and input from all members of the show's creative team was encouraged.

Once Jenner and Norris had finalised the subject matter and music genre, lyrics were commissioned from the writing team, usually Dave Cohen.

These were rewritten as needed under Norris' supervision to ensure as much factual information as possible was included.

The finished vocal and backing tracks were later returned to Noisegate for post-production by Webb and colleague Matt Katz.

Video game-styled sketches were achieved using a mix of 3D animation and live-action green-screen footage. Six special episodes, comprising a mix of new and existing material around a single theme, were broadcast in the UK.

The producers decided to cease full-time production after the fifth series, citing concerns around the increasing difficulty in finding suitable historical material.

In , the BBC announced that the Horrible Histories concept would be revived in a new format, focussing on the life and times of a single historical figure per episode.

The rebooted series was again developed by LionTV and will involve a largely all-new production team and cast, while still retaining Jenner as lead historical consultant and many of the original series's writers.

In addition, original stars Farnaby and Howick will return in limited roles. Further information see: List of Horrible Histories cast members.

Several of the writers and researchers also occasionally appeared in front of the camera, including Punt, Jenner, George Sawyer and Susie Donkin, while actors Mathew Baynton and Ben Willbond sometimes contributed to the writing.

Laurence Rickard was recruited solely as a writer, but found himself part of both the senior writing staff and starring cast after creating the character of Bob Hale, whose extended, convoluted monologues proved impossible to hand over to anyone else.

Individual sketches and songs were cast by the production team, sometimes acting on input from the show's stable of performers themselves.

While certain roles naturally lent themselves to a particular actor, Norris said that confidence in the entire cast's ability was such that the producers also experimented with casting against type.

The performers were allowed to improvise provided that they maintained factual accuracy. Six performers Baynton, Howick, Rickard, Willbond, Howe-Douglas and Farnaby were credited as main or starring cast throughout the show's run; a seventh, Sarah Hadland , left after the second series but returned with an "also starring" credit for the fourth and fifth.

The initial sextet appeared from Series 2 onwards as the standard face of the show at premieres and other press opportunities, and performed as a troupe for such peripheral events as the show's BBC Prom concert.

They became a particularly close-knit group both personally and professionally. The supporting cast varied considerably by series.

Those performers with additional speaking parts are listed below:. Puppeteer John Eccleston , operates the puppet rat host, Rattus Rattus, whilst also supplying his voice.

Scott Brooker performs additional puppetry. Jon Culshaw , Jess Robinson , and Dave Lamb provide various additional voice-overs and narration throughout the series.

The show has attracted several special guest stars. In the fourth series, Gatiss, Shearsmith and Pemberton of The League of Gentlemen joined the show, playing the panel of Hollywood producers for the "Movie Pitch" sketches.

Shearsmith said, "Mark and I independently thought it was just a brilliant show that works on a number of levels There's not a weak link in the team here and it's an honour to be asked to be part of it".

Horrible Histories was immediately, and almost universally, greeted with critical enthusiasm. You need to have everything just right—that's what's so terrifying.

But Horrible Histories has a great cast and brilliant writers. They're also blessed with great source material. The tone is perfect and it is done in a non-patronising, engaging way".

Clare Heal of the Daily Express , in her review of the third series, praised the show's "spot-on spoofs of modern telly" and agreed that "There's no particular target audience but pretty much anyone of any age will find something in there for them".

Sarah Dempster of The Guardian said that "Four years into its ingenious 'making history look less crap' operation Most criticism of the show revolves around the accuracy and presentation of its factual content.

The TV series, like the books, has been used by educators as a classroom aid [29] and was endorsed by UK Education Secretary Michael Gove as useful for spotlighting "neglected periods of history.

It's quite amusing, though whether it will pique an interest in the subject, or—as some say—merely encourage children to learn more about defecation, gluttony, murder and torture, we cannot know.

More specifically, in September , responding to a complaint from the Nightingale Society, the BBC Trust determined that the show had breached editorial guidelines in the sketch highlighting the controversy surrounding Mary Seacole's role in nursing history.

In this sketch, Florence Nightingale says that she rejected the Jamaican-born Seacole's application to Nightingale's Crimean nursing corps because it was open to "British girls" only.

This was held to be imputing racially discriminatory motives to Nightingale—and thus implying them to be historical fact—without sufficient proof.

In response, the BBC pulled the offending sketch from their website and announced it would be removed from future showings of the episode.

In a 20th-anniversary retrospective of the franchise in The Telegraph , David Horspool , the history editor of the Times Literary Supplement , defended the show's overall viewpoint, saying, "There's no particular reason why grown-up historians shouldn't like Horrible Histories too They simplify, and they have a definite point of view, but all historians are guilty of that to some degree.

The recut for BBC1 with Fry as host drew particular criticism as to whether its educational methods were suited to an adult demographic.

History Today editor Paul Lay called the idea "frightening". I'm in favour of populism, but there has to be a bit of depth to it.

Other critics have taken a more lenient view. Historian and television presenter Dan Snow described the show's modus operandi as "one step above Blackadder , but that's fine In its debut week of 15 June , the show topped the UK children's TV viewing figures with , viewers.

Likewise coproduced by Lion TV and Citrus, the show is co-hosted by Dave Lamb with puppet Rattus Rattus and includes cameos from many of the parent show's cast.

As of , the show had aired three full series. The show featured a selection of sketches and songs from the first two series as chosen by the producers of the parent show, with Fry replacing the puppet rat as presenter.

In , the series returned with a new cast in a revised format. Episodes centred around the life of one prominent historical figure played by an established comedy actor.

It was in that a seventh series began with just three specials before the full series in The three specials marked anniversaries through the year: years since Shakespeare died, the BBCs 'Love to Read' campaign and years since the Great Fire of London.

There was a slight change in cast where the main stars Jalaal Hartley , Tom Stourton and Jessica Ransom continued with new members.

This was the first series where none of the main original cast were present. The film, though not officially related to the series, reunited and starred the original core performers of Horrible Histories in starring roles.

It was directed by Dominic Brigstocke and was set in Roman Britain. The original cast of the TV series were not involved, although members of the revival cast were.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British children's sketch comedy television series. This article is about the original series.

For the revival, see Horrible Histories TV series. Main article: List of Horrible Histories episodes. New Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship, , 69—

Schindlers Liste. Https:// — Horrible Histories by Terry Deary. Trivia About Horrible Histories. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Terry Deary is a genius. Helen Filali rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Maddy Belcher rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Elly rated it liked it May 17, Bewerte : 0. Lists with This Book. He takes something that is normally as appetizing as wall paper glue and vacuum cleaner dust heidepark eintrittspreis turns it into a luscious fest of cream buns herr ringe stream german chocolate ice-cream. Der Teenager muss sich entscheiden, für welche Seite er in die Schlacht ziehen will Seitenverhältnis. Derek Jacobi. Want to Read saving….