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Der stählerne adler 4 stream

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Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Iron Eagle IV. Der stählerne Adler - Tödlicher Angriff ist ein Actionfilm aus dem Jahr von Sidney J. Furie mit Louis Gossett Jr., Jason Cadieux und​. Der stählerne Adler 4 (). Originaltitel: Iron Eagle IV. Jetzt anschauen. Wir konnten keine Streaming-Angebote finden. Füge diesen Titel zu deiner Watchlist​. 3) H. G. Adler: a.a.O., S. ] 4) Arthur Dínter: Die Stlnde wíder das Blut Matthes & Trost,. LeÍpzíg, 5) Ellegaãrd Ellerbek (Erich LeÍ.sner): Sö'ne S6nnings. gehen k6nnen, daB der 64 Kbps-Kanal an die Stelle des heutigen 3,4 KHz-. Kanals tritt. level of the Model ana transmits transparently a bit stream FaUe von, die '01 unter Emulation einer Triumph-Adler Datenstation TAI Kapi tel 4 und 7 klar machen, reichen die Leistun gen häufig nicht aus, um den Bei trags za hlern, wird der Grad der Dec kung durch die soziale Sicher heit „​White Paper: Streaming Busi ness Process“. Henman, P. und Adler, M.

der stählerne adler 4 stream

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He has spent the last several months commuting to Washington from Chicago and felt that it was too much of a strain to be apart from his family, Ray Ban Glasses. Pueblo vieio Oulmi Santo Pyramide 44 1 26 iSo. Legionnaires' disease is considered a severe type of pneumonia that can bring high fever, Ugg Boots , chills and a cough. Quen Santo.

To watch a sadist whittle a woman down to the teary, naked nub she willingly became was evidently too much; to watch her succumb to cunning grins, blindfolds, dark alleys, street sex and violence was just too animal for some.

Director Adrian Lyne took the reel back to the cutting room and tried to tame it, but even when it was widely released in , we slid right down in our seats, breathing heavily, cringing, sweating, throbbing all at the same time, right there in the same theater where we watched Star Wars when things were gentle.

Take 9 Songs. The cast for the film includes Matt, Lisa and eight bands. The eight bands do not have sex, but Matt and Lisa certainly do.

To earn its stripes, 9 Songs received a lot of controversy thanks to graphic sex scenes, which include real intercourse, real ejaculation and a few other unsimulated sex feats.

The film is set in England and voyeuristically follows Matt, a British climatologist and Lisa, an uninhibited American student, for a short, powerful sex affair.

I think about her smell, her taste, her skin touching A Fresh off her first unsatisfying sex encounter with a boy her age, Adele shifts over the moment she lays eyes on blue-haired, college-aged Emma.

Adele walks directly into a lesbian bar shortly after the sighting, then right into a two-year, happy sex tryst with Emma. The woman has the upper hand in Lie with Me.

Leila is the sadist here, and David played by Eric Balfour , the man she meets in a club after the porn tape, is the submissive. While Leila uses her sex to control David, he falls in love with her.

As the two face real life outside their encounters, their lives depart and meet again in relatively humdrum, unsexy contexts that become arousing for them.

Secretary is a classic. Granted, the actual sex shots are softer than the other less inhibited films on this list, but its plot — namely a vulnerable young woman fresh out of the mental ward finding her way as a new submissive — aims to carve a mainstream for sexual deviation.

The two follow a tawdry winding road and come to a fairly traditional end, but worms, typos,. How she gets there — how anybody gets there — is as mysterious as it is natural, as deviant as it is visceral.

Millions of copies sold to literally every nook and cranny of civilization, and now we finally get to submissively watch.

Sweet release. Another twist: the artists stay relatively faithful to the originals, yet somehow manage to showcase the darker side of the lyrics.

Four Grammy Awards mean this jazz vocalist has nothing to prove, yet still she pushes boundaries. Fans of the one-time disco diva who expect another murder on the dance floor will have to think again.

This time out, the songs are stripped down, sans DJ superstars and with less synthesizer tracks. It allows the vocals to shine, with lush melodies that chronicle the rush of new love and the melancholy of yearning.

The longtime friends who have been through romantic and professional ups and downs come together in this fresh duet album.

Their voices and performances betray a singular chemistry. Renditions of love songs through the ages include standards by The Beatles and The Carpenters.

I had to push my way through a dense crowd of PYTs and their. When I finally reached Clemence, he explained that the 38 photographs in this book grew out of his restless search for new architectural encounters, which have taken him from Rio de Janeiro to New York, from Barcelona to Cologne.

But instead of beautiful buildings, the authors explores the mysteries of time itself, elegantly expressing the way time shapes not just architecture, but all our beliefs and perceptions.

Just flipping through the book, I began to witness the aesthetic fruits of his journeys. The buildings themselves.

For more info, visit hereafterbook. That great symbol of femininity enhanced dresses and skirts with a strong, artistic look. A magazine invites you to frolic through the flowers.

Femme flora The flurry of flower-embellished looks designers sent out for spring are divided into two style camps. For Dior, Raf Simons sent models down a toxic primrose path.

Bright acid florals turned up as plisse inserts on cut-out and asymmetrical black dresses. Marc Jacobs trailed clean and crisp bi-color foliage patterns down column dresses, with black overembroidery on the shoulders injecting a dose of cool.

Novel interpretations in sophisticated prints and color gave otherwise strictly feminine florals a masculine edge — especially when designers put them into relaxed tailoring.

Frida Giannini used a moody floral print all over T-shirts, jackets and pants for Gucci, with a washed out look providing a romantic take on the summer suit.

Marc Jacobs used painterly flowers cast over pale yellow, black and turquoise hues on quirky blousons, short-sleeved shirts and matching ties.

The Hawaiian shirt, an iconic style statement for men decades ago, got an image overhaul at Prada. Worn with generously tailored jackets and slouchy pants, the Hawaiian shirt infused a tired old idea with a new languid beauty.

It was a decade defined by pagers and Beanie Babies, scrunchies and culottes. They lay dormant for 20 years before sweeping back into spring fashion, without so much as a second thought.

It started with a slip dress. Though certainly more opaque than the original, it was a near-replica of the infamous dress. Kate Moss wore in — a shockingly sheer slip dress that sparked endless copycats.

Stella McCartney showed a low-cut version of the slip dress in a burnout floral print, while Christopher Kane strayed from the understated with embellished straps and a draped neckline.

The slip dress may be the most elegant. Crop tops last appeared on the red carpet en masse when Gwen Stefani was just a girl in a half-shirt.

Though the six pack-flaunting singer would argue that they never went out of style, the rest of the world held out on agreeing until now.

Meanwhile, at Gucci, athletic-style mesh shirts gave more than a glimpse of the triangle tops underneath. Rihanna would no doubt approve.

Attempting yet another comeback, culottes reappeared on catwalks at Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang this spring. They were grown up at Proenza Schouler, with a midi-hemline and sometimes with a peplum.

Wang showed a more relaxed side of the skort, in varying. But hey, fashion rules are made to be broken, and who better at egging us on than Marc Jacobs?

Altea is one fashion brand with its head turned resolutely to the future. Offering clothing and accessories for both men and women, the Italian label traces its roots back to the late 19th century, when Giuseppe Sartori, great-grandfather of the two current managing directors, Luca and Michele Sartori, opened a store that specialized in socks, ties and knitwear.

That initial store did well, but was closed temporarily during World War II, when massive allied bombings devastated Milan and razed the business to the ground.

Brothers Luca and Michele, the fourth generation of the Sartori family, gradually increased and diversified production, and Altea clothing and accessories are now made in a massive factory located outside Milan.

Of the two, Michele is the creative spirit, designing the collection with Elena Frigerio and a carefully selected team of creatives.

In , after the end of the war, the Sartori family reopened their tie store, renaming it Altea. Overseen by architect Nicola Quadri, the gallery aims to become a space for cultural events, hosting conferences and exhibits related to art and design.

We share the same passion. There are also plans to open the first Altea boutique, pushing the Italian brand to the forefront of luxury retail.

Electric blue fuses with trademark pink, and black is sexed up with peekaboo cut outs and blush inducing silhouettes.

Nothing puts you and your loved one in the mood quite like a set of lace undergarments or provocative garter belts. If chic and mysterious is more your thing, then opt for the baby doll in the same range.

Decorated with strategically placed hearts, this one piece is gifting at its most erotic. An outstanding piece is the knicker and bra set inspired by the mermaid costumes that Kudo created for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Accessories have long been the forte of Sam Roddick, who describes her brand Coco de Mer as ideal for erotica lovers and adventure seekers.

A flaming fantasy of rubies, black diamonds and white diamonds, the Fire of London earrings from Garrard are certain to set all hearts ablaze.

Price available upon request. Her bag is by Dsquared 2. Her necklace is by Gucci. Her clutch is by Roberto Cavalli.

For such a small amount of hair, the pixie is one complex cut. It exudes elegance on gamines like Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman.

And when model muses like Twiggy and Coco Rocha make the cut, it instantly adds edge to unconventional beauty. So what happens when the blonde goddess shears the very symbol of her femininity and shocks the world with a pixie cut?

After the jaw-dropping beauty makeover, the year-old sex kitten has adopted a noticeably more demure look.

A Beauty is a maxim dating back to ancient Greece — and perhaps well beyond that too. Fast forward to the present day, and some magnificently modern serums and creams are nothing short of a gift from the gods.

Its capability as a thoroughly decent base for concealer means this is a very workable option by day.

The functionality is impressive: packed with the Marine De-Puff Ferment and swept on with a silver-tipped applicator, this is the elite A-list of undereye creams.

Clarins So many skincare potions promise so much. Extra-Firming Eye Lift-Perfecting Serum combines albizia extract with green banana and lemon thyme in a recipe for real results.

Hyaluronic acid helps skin lock in moisture, while powerful anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals to assist in the fight against future aging.

Chanel The Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux from Chanel has snuck onto this shortlist despite being neither an intense product nor a straightforward serum.

Saint Laurent Radiant Blush No. Anna Wintour has finally made her peace with Milan. The powerful editor-in-chief of Vogue America reconciled with the city in September , during Fashion Week.

Townsend, to hand out five scholarships to five Italian students. With these scholarships, we want to encourage Italian talent to move forward.

Last year, Wintour received her umpteenth — and perhaps final — career promotion, with her appointment as artistic director.

Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner and Cate Blanchett have all slipped on the pointed pump, establishing its association with bombshells and icy blondes; Frisoni has a different, fresher A He appointed yearold DJ Atlanta de Cadenet as the new face of the shoe, and for the campaign, he put year-old photographer Olivia Bee behind the camera.

So what one piece or collection would the designer choose to represent his contribution to the house? He may have paused for now, but Frisoni shows no sign of slowing down.

Bruno Frisoni wanted nothing more than to attend the opening of the Roger Vivier boutique in Lebanon.

The squaremeter, gallery-like shop officially opened last December in Downtown Beirut. Jean-Michel Gathy is concerned.

Amid the international appetite for truly great design, it seems a trend is emerging for the over-the-top skyscraper. If people want these big buildings and like them, then fine.

But the way I work with space is in complete contrast to the bold high-rises. As the founder of architecture firm Denniston, the architect has carved resorts out of remote private islands, masterminded The Chedi Muscat in Oman.

Complete with floating water villas, alchemists and fine dining, the resort offers true five-star treatment on a private island off the coast of the Maldives.

And if you do, there is no way that resort will be five-star. I wanted Randheli to be decidedly non-beachy. The design should.

The future is bright for this Belgian-born entrepreneur. Unconsciously inspired by his travels, Gathy is now keen to work in the contrasting environments of the country and the metropolis.

Morocco, New Zealand and Japan are all on his hit list. Then the slow and painful process of production begins.

From his Mar Mikhael boutique and studio, Lebanon-born Francis works with a network of artisans and technicians to slowly build the object he has in mind.

Once a prototype is ready, he lives with it for several months until he decides to produce it. I need to find a solution for something.

And it has to be discreet as well. Design is not about luxury. His objects are also ingenuous, often allowing owners to use them in different ways.

His Weaved lamp, a lantern made of straw, can be placed on the floor, table or suspended to create different lighting moods. The Side Up Stool is a cube of folded aluminum that comes in a variety of bright colors and can be used in myriad ways.

The Derbakeh stool is a fresh take on the Arabic drum. And his series of cups and bowls are made of.

Francis says he likes to reuse the materials of his childhood. Design has to be organic, urban, not too imposing.

You have to relate to the item. He immediately sketches his vision on his smartphone, a scribble of colorful and rudimentary lines, laying out the skeleton of a new table, lamp or chair.

Rene Gonzalez is a Florida modernist informed by site, culture and geography. He calls it the total environment, as he seeks to integrate his architecture into it, whether for a courtyard in Saudi Arabia, a high-rise in Miami or an island in South Florida.

It was a stripped-down residence on an island in Indian Creek, between mainland Miami and Miami Beach. Sited for maximum views of the bay, the home is a series of cinematic, processional pavilions linked by pools and waterfalls.

His firm, established in , designed the bedroom, bath home to align with the natural light of the vast South Florida sky and the constantly changing colors of Biscayne Bay.

He strives to include local culture as well. The Alchemist, a retail store he designed for an established mall on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach offers shoppers a quiet haven from the hustle and bustle of the street outside.

His projects are getting bigger. Late last year, the firm broke ground on its first residential high-rise project in Miami. The condominiums are called, appropriately enough, Glass.

Porous Coquina stone containing fragments of shell and coral is interspersed gradually with small rectangles of blue Macauba coral, mimicking the transition between sand and sea.

Glass is composed of 10 full-floor units, with a three-floor penthouse atop. They range in size from 3, to 9, square feet. The supply is limited, and prices at Glass reflect that.

Two other homes are under way, in the Hamptons and in Bloomfield Hills. It can be brought down to expose seating and a courtyard, or be raised to serve as a reflecting pool.

And more often than not, Gonzalez is successful at it. I hold open the strange, triangular door as the old man, just managing to shuffle on two canes, stops at the threshold.

I am about to enter. But before we trade places, he turns toward me with his rheumy blue eyes and an exalting smile, and offers a long, guttural benediction.

In my ears, the words are just a series of warm, rough noises. We stand all together for a moment in the wet, green Rhineland landscape.

Like the old man, I am a kind of pilgrim. But I have come to venerate not a 15th-century Swiss hermit, but the strange, arresting architecture Zumthor has built in his honor.

Zumthor first won global attention for the thermal baths he designed in Vals, Switzerland. Like so much of his work, the baths are informed by the phenomenology of German philosopher Martin Heidegger.

Zumthor rejects the notion of architecture that tries to express abstract concepts with rationally determined forms. Rather, he tries.

While starchitects tend to haunt megalopolises, Zumthor chooses Haldenstein, a remote Swiss village.

He turns down most commissions offered him, signing on only when he feels a deep connection. As I move around and through the chapel, shapes reveal themselves as stranger and more mysterious than I first guess — another Zumthor hallmark.

Outside, what looks from a distance like concrete monolith morphs into a highly quirky pentagon as I circumnavigate the chapel.

Inside, flat concrete planes give way to something rougher and stranger than I could have imagined. After the kind of curving, womblike foyer, I emerge into a bright, expansive, upward-reaching space.

Light enters from above, via the imperfect oval of the oculus. Contact with the heavens is raw and unmediated.

Rain hits my face as I look up into the gray sky. This is not the language of openness. It is openness, with all the consequences.

Benedict in Graubünden, Switzerland; a luminous, starkly minimalist museum in Bregenz, Austria. There are the strong but humble materials, the highly tactile surfaces rough concrete walls, wavy lead floor and the connection to nature in.

I light a candle, think of the old man, his sturdy determination to cross a muddy field, the pain that no doubt wracks his gnarled limbs, the untranslatable warmth of his welcome.

Then I think of my parents, both recently lost; this man will soon share their fate. So, eventually, will I, and all of us.

And in this strange timeless space, I have a good solid cry. When I step outside again, I find myself wonderfully, unaccountably cheered.

The excitement is palpable. They offer enormous views of resplendent Biscayne Bay and the six-lane, 5.

Throbbing with traffic, the causeway is the kind of thing that, I imagine, people come to museums to forget. What problem? Anyway, I find it beautiful.

Attracting museumgoers is no simple task in this semitropical city where, as museum director Thom Collins frankly admits, art must compete with sun, surf and sand.

PAMM neutralizes this problem by opening itself up to these very elements. It invites passersby up from a bayside promenade with steps as wide as the museum itself.

Enormous overhangs provide unticketed visitors shelter, whether from sun or a sudden afternoon squall. Lush gardens and unbroken views of city and sea encourage them to linger.

And for those who decide to move inside the museum itself, the connection with the city is never cut. Great expanses of glass, like the one Binswanger and I stand before, dissolve the traditional barriers between jewel-box museums and the world at large.

Rigorously simple shapes, colors and materials endow the galleries with a meditative quality. Except for the white of the gallery walls, virtually all of the building materials are left to assume their natural shade.

Sight lines orient you without defining your course. Airy galleries with large windows, white walls and polished cement floors alternate with more intimate spaces with narrow windows, wood floors and walls of pale gray.

In Miami, a city built on real estate speculation, architecture tends toward shiny, look-at-me forms.

But as I take leave of Binswanger and head outside, I begin to understand. Just as the glass walls open the museum to the city, the unadorned planes provide a dispassionate platform of maximal flexibility.

And that is exactly what Miami requires. A multilingual, multicultural portal between North America, South America and the Caribbean, Miami is a hybrid city in a perpetual state of self-invention.

In response, the museum competes as little as possible with future forms it may take. Rather, it serves as a kind a tabula rasa, or better yet a tabula aperta — a kind of open platform — on which Miami and its artists can imagine more beautiful futures.

The cactus-shaped lamp boasts a handcrafted structure of branches made of pine cut-offs, with bulbs made from recycled beverage bottles.

Visit studioswine. The Botanica pieces, which include furniture, lighting, vases and bowls, make use of traditional materials like wood, ceramic and metal and are shaped like pine cones, seed pods and other products of nature.

Visit formafantasma. Lebanon-based architect Khaled el Mays launched his debut collection, Rhizomes, in The line includes benches, consoles, tables and stools, all made from handcrafted wood and available in a variety of colors.

Rhizome is a botanical term that refers to the underground stem of a plant. Visit atelierkhaledelmays. Bamboo is the newest source of inspiration for the Brazilianborn Campana brothers.

For Baccarat, the prolific designers created a series of light fixtures, each adorned with some type of bamboo design.

The Fusion collection for Baccarat includes Amuleto, a bamboo-andcrystal table lamp, as well as the Cosmo chandelier, which looks like a red fruit glowing through a woven bamboo structure.

Visit baccarat. Designed by Fabrica with Dean Brown for Secondome, La Famiglia is a playful take on vases and glass containers, featuring a strong botanical identity.

Visit secondome. Tasmanian designer Loz Abberton — founder of design studio Who Did That — recently unveiled Pod Luxe and Pod Noir, two handcrafted light fixtures made from Australian leather available in black, natural and brandy hues.

Designed and created on the Australian island of Tasmania, the pieces are made from raw vegetable-tanned material — a by-product of the local agricultural industries.

Visit whodidthat. Visit generatorhostels. Visit magazine-restaurant. Designed exclusively for Neiman Marcus, the handcrafted Falconry Companion, created by Bespoke Global, is a magical, engaging universe hidden inside a leatherclad trunk.

Visit bespokeglobal. The set includes a large ice bucket, a gold inlaid caviar bowl, six silver shot-glasses, a gold spoon and a beautifully faceted water carafe.

The limited edition set comes in a series of pieces. Visit silbermanufactur. Caesarstone teamed up with architect Juergen MayerHermann to create Pipapo, a sculptural bench crafted from natural stone.

Visit caesarstone. Another notable piece is the refined Talon Aiguille table, which can be split into two, allowing you to instantly transform your interiors.

Visit woodand. Thus, regional art aficionado Taymour Grahne established artofthemideast. So Grahne is ready once again to feed the need.

Last fall, Grahne opened his first gallery, one that hosts the work of artists from all over the Middle East. And he has fittingly set up shop in a quintessential art town: New York.

During the course of his life, Grahne has bounced about noteworthy towns and countries. He has traveled extensively, always keeping contemporary art at the forefront.

I also wanted to start with a New York-based artist to showcase the fantastic artistic talent to be found in the city where the gallery is located.

I inherited this passion for culture. After reading a substantial amount about the booming Middle Eastern art scene and the resurgence of Beirut as an arts center, I decided to do some exploring of my own, and spent a summer in Beirut touring galleries, meeting artists and researching more about the exciting developments that were taking place in the region.

Grahne also states that as the gallery begins to diversify beyond the Middle East, he will present shows by Pakistani, Indonesian and other artists.

His photos are mainly of gay and straight erotica, with clean, raw, titillating shots. Barbieri met this reporter in his Milan studio, an enchanting open space overlooking a river and a garden alive with rabbits and turtles.

I knew that was my passion. He dropped out of his Milan high school to move to Rome, supporting himself by shooting A. I learned techniques that I still use today.

In the age of technology, Barbieri firmly refuses to use software like Photoshop. A fantasy destination for a fantastic photographer.

Looking back upon his prolific, impressive career, the year-old photographer names Richard Avedon as the greatest 20thcentury photographer and his single most important source of inspiration.

The Louvre rejected it. Toulouse-Lautrec was too notorious. An alcoholic dwarf who spent much of his time in bars and whorehouses, he died after falling into absinthe and syphilis-induced madness.

In the end, his mother gave everything in his studio to the provincial city where he was born, Albi, which created a museum for him. The city is dominated by Ste.

Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa was baptized there in November 24, , the son of a noble family tracing its roots to Charlemagne.

His parents called him Henri for short. His posters are in a room by themselves. A pop artist before pop art, Toulouse-Lautrec had a gift for abstract color that made him a pioneer of mass media.

We are left with the bleak beauty of these women living between the brothel and the hospital.

When they did meet, Wong shared several images, in both black and white and color, for potential lithography. Wong studied graphic design and photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, eventually choosing graphic design as her major.

She started her blog to promote the photos she shoots when she travels. It became very popular, very quickly. There are seven distinct images that can be used as a series — in the way a gallery installation might display them, with negative space between.

The walls of the exhibition space are covered with images in poster format from a Gisinger photomontage that includes photos of original artworks, bits of contracts, production images, reflections, surfaces and interactions.

Franz Ackermann Franz Ackermann creates cartographic watercolor drawings of urban areas undergoing rapid growth and development. Alongside the maps, his work incorporates brightly painted wall murals, three-dimensional panels that jut-out into space and black and white photographs, in an environment that dissolves traditional boundaries between artistic media.

His works are constructions in wood, concrete and steel inspired by the tradition of do-it-yourself and survivalist architecture.

He strives to link concepts from the Land Art movement with Minimal Art, combining the idea of the abstract with down-to-earth construction.

Adelfang focuses on precise, surprising elements, not following customary ways of viewing things, but expressing a highly individual visual perception.

Observing through dilapidated buildings whose vast dimensions emphasize the absence of human life, she focuses on details of plant life, a stretch of water or a crack in a wall.

Haroun, who recently opened the hit restaurant Mamnoon in Seattle with her husband Wassef, is all too familiar with the horrific impact of war — on its victims first and foremost, on American perceptions of the Middle East and on her own family life.

Haroun grew up in Syria, and her husband is a Syrian who spent his childhood in Lebanon. Cooking dinner for. With the help of designer friends, they turned a former car repair shop into an industrial-chic, minimalist dining room embellished with colorful Syrian lanterns and furnished with long, glossy communal counters made by Seattle artist Tina Randolph.

They hired Garrett Melkonian, who was formerly a pastry chef working with Seattle star chef Tom Douglas, and who has an Armenian heritage, to head up the kitchen.

The result is a menu unlike any offered in a Middle Eastern restaurant in the United States — or in Lebanon, Syria or Iran, for that matter.

A recent dinner menu included the Syrian classic, fatteh hommos made with chickpeas, grilled bread and garlic-spiked yogurt , alongside familiar Lebanese and mezza dishes like fattoush and shish taouk — and the Persian specialty khoresh, a lamb stew flavored with charred onions, saffron and parsley.

Melkonian tweaks each of the authentic dishes on his menu based mainly on the ingredients that are in season at the time.

One cocktail is made with fig paste, bourbon and walnut liqueur, another with Turkish coffee, vodka and chocolate bitters. Desserts are particularly inventive, as in the labneh bil seniyeh: a cheesecake-style dessert made with labneh and walnut toffee, and known only to Mamnoon diners.

What will you offer the person you love most in the world? A stylish accessory? A car? After its great success in France, the restaurant opened overseas, in London and Dubai, and most recently here in Beirut.

This lack of set order encourages diners to share their dishes, family style. Have the steak with sides of golden French fries and crispy green broccoli — just so you hit all three food groups at once: protein, carbs and vegetables.

Then, of course, you need to have dessert. The marinated Agen prunes, served with gingerbread ice cream, are a superbly.

You can also opt for the warm chocolate mousse, taken up one heavenly notch with the addition of malt ice cream. Once the check comes, diners will be surprised at how reasonable the total is.

For reservations, tel. Winter is the best season to indulge in decadent desserts, whether in sunny climes like Dubai and Lebanon, or in subzero environments like the Canadian city of Montreal.

Here are three places that offer a wide selection of rich, seductive, sugary affairs. For the uninitiated, , a slick gourmet deli located on a quieter stretch of The Balcony, offers terrific food choices.

At peak periods, makes for the perfect grab-and-go; the jolly staff dole out artfully constructed sandwiches straight from the counter, like lemon thyme grilled chicken and brie on rosemary foccacia or peppercrusted beef pastrami and Swiss on rye.

A gloriously self-indulgent assortment of pastries, tarts, cookies and cakes, all freshly baked on-site, are available and proudly on display.

As one might expect, — much like most of Dubai — has not been around since Still, with its gourmand savories, delicious sweet treats and friendly service, the deli has managed to establish a winning formula.

Once the masses are safely tucked back behind their desks, transcends into an ideal spot for afternoon tea. Beyond the deli counter is a thoughtfully designed seating area, a mix of polished brass, exposed brickwork and heavy wooden furnishings.

Sunlight streams in through the large windows, and the lazy voices of the Rat Pack slow the ambience back down and give the space a sense of big-city pizzazz.

The Koraytem bakery has now expanded to Dbayeh, with what owner Nabil Rabaa promises to be a more mature sweet shop.

But with just three chairs, the candy-coated shop is most suited for a sugar rush. With maturity comes an appreciation for the finer things — mainly, the luxury of sitting back and relaxing.

There are five Juliette et Chocolat locations in Montreal, attesting to the great success of this luxurious chocolate bar.

The place does have lunch and dinner menus, but its greatest offerings are the various and seemingly endless chocolate dessert options. In summer, you can opt for chocolate milkshakes or smoothies, enhanced with fruit, spices or alcohol.

After spending his 20s traveling in Asia, he decided to study for a degree in Chinese medicine. Through his expert knowledge, Jing offers an experience for tea connoisseurs that is steeped in romantic tradition.

The leaves are scented with fresh downy buds and sun. Just begging to be drunk with a daintily outstretched finger, of course.

In celebration of the quintessentially British tea party, London has seen a crop of chic tea parlors emerge.

Recently, a new direction has seen a renaissance of the ancient Chinese tea ceremony. Jing is a pioneer of this movement. Founded and developed by Edward Eisler, this brand, which takes its name from the Mandarin word for essence, is changing the way modern urbanites take their tea.

Sometimes, the sexiest thing you can slip into is a fragrance. Velvety soaps and creamy lotions drape skin in delicate scents, while a splash of made-to-measure perfume leaves you engulfed in sensuality.

Though each perfume is customized using the finest quality ingredients, the process itself is far from intimidating. Visit facebook. And now, the rose is also a symbol of soft, hydrated skin.

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On your next Washington journey, try to imagine what it would be like to actually live in the White House and be the most powerful leader on the globe.

The capital of the United States is easy to love. Much like Paris, the city that inspired its urban design, Washington is a place where art and geometry co-mingle, resulting in a worldclass destination with landmark buildings, engaging parks and distinct neighborhoods full of old-world charm.

As befits any great capital, Washington has fascinating sights that are well worth a visit. Large parts of the building are accessible to the public, most notably the magnificent Rotunda and the Crypt beneath it, as well as the Brumidi Corridors, showcasing intricate, brilliantly colored frescoes and murals designed by Italian artist Constantino Brumidi.

Georgetown Many DC visitors say that their favorite neighborhood is Georgetown. Set along. John F. Yearround, the center hosts plays, musicals, concerts, dance performances and more, including free performances per year.

Any visitor should take in at least one show at this world-class venue. Lincoln Memorial A monument and tribute to US president Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Memorial has been the site of some of the most memorable moments in American history: this is where Dr.

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Hitler hoped Britain would negotiate for an armistice, for which he was prepared to offer generous terms.

The tentative offers made by Hitler were rejected by the Churchill coalition government. The Luftwaffe was to eliminate enemy air power and the Kriegsmarine was ordered to make all the necessary preparations for transporting the Heer Army across the English Channel.

The Luftwaffe's task came first. Once the RAF had been rendered impotent, Göring and Hitler hoped that an invasion would be unnecessary.

The losses of the spring campaign had weakened the Luftwaffe before the Battle of Britain. The service was forced to wait until it had reached acceptable levels before a main assault against the RAF could be made.

These operations would last from 10 July-8 August It had lost 74 fighter pilots killed or missing and 48 wounded in July, and its strength rose to 1, by 3 August.

By that date, it was only short of pilots. In the second phase of attacks, shipping, coastal airfields, radar and stations south of London were attacked during 8—18 August.

The Luftwaffe gradually increased the frequency of attacks. German bombers also raided targets as far north as Liverpool during night hours.

Portsmouth docks were also targeted. The Radar station at Ventnor was badly damaged and others targeted were also damaged, but not destroyed.

All were in working order by the following morning. The attacks against the harbour and RAF stations had failed to destroy them. All were not in fully working order by the end of the day, but were back in action the following morning.

Unknown to German intelligence, Lympne itself was not even an operational station. This sort of intelligence blunder contributed to the failure of Adlertag.

The Germans had not achieved a degree of success commensurate with their exertions. Nevertheless, in the belief they were having considerable effect on Fighter Command, they prepared to launch their all-out assault on the RAF the following day.

After bringing its serviceable rates up, the Luftwaffe began Adlertag with 71 percent of its bomber force, 85 percent of its Bf units, and 83 percent of its Bf units operational.

Faulty intelligence was the component that was mostly responsible for the failure of Adlertag. While the gap between the British and Germans was not yet wide in this regard, the British were starting to gain a decisive lead in intelligence.

The breaking of the Enigma machine and poor Luftwaffe signals discipline allowed the British easy access to German communications traffic.

The impact of Ultra on the Battle of Britain is a matter of dispute, with Official Histories claiming there was no direct impact.

Whatever the truth, Ultra, and the Y service in particular, gave the British an increasingly accurate picture of German order of battle deployments.

Throughout this time, Schmid's reports made a series of errors. The most serious mistakes were made concerning radar, airfield identification, and production sites.

Schmid asserted that the number of operational airfields in southern England were severely limited; estimated that the British could produce only — fighters per month the true figure was and that figure would decrease, indicating that the RAF could not sustain a long battle of attrition.

Schmid also claimed the command at all levels was rigid and inflexible, with fighters being tied to home bases. In his list of omissions, Schmid failed to mention the RAF maintenance and organisation operations, which put back damaged aircraft with rapid effect.

He anticipated a short battle. Crucially, Schmid failed to mention radar at all. The lack of sustained and concentrated attacks on radar left it free to help direct the deployment of RAF units at opportune moments.

Its continued warnings of incoming raids were a crucial benefit to Fighter Command. The Luftwaffe also had poor intelligence on the type of RAF airfields.

On Adlertag , most of the targets on the Luftwaffe ' s list—if destroyed—would not have impaired Fighter Command in the slightest. The keystone of the British defence was the complex infrastructure of detection, command, and control that ran the battle.

The technology was named RDF with misleading intent — the vague description would disguise the full nature of the system to the enemy if its existence ever became known.

In most circumstances, RDF could pick up formations of Luftwaffe aircraft as they organised over their own airfields in northern France and Belgium.

Once the raiding aircraft moved inland, the formations were also plotted by the ROC. The plots were assessed to determine whether they were "hostile" or "friendly".

If hostile, the information was sent to the main "operations room", which was in a large underground bunker.

As the plots of the raiding aircraft moved, the counters were pushed across the map by magnetic "rakes". This system enabled the main "Fighter Controller" and Dowding to see where each formation was heading, at what height, and in what strength.

This allowed an estimate to be made of possible targets. The age of the information was denoted from the colour of the counter.

The simplicity of the system meant that decisions could be made quickly. This information was simultaneously sent to the headquarters of each Group where it was cross-checked through a filter room before being sent through to another operations room, housed in an underground bunker.

Because Group had tactical control of the battle, the operations room was different in layout from the main Headquarters at Bentley Priory.

The main map on the plotting table represented the Group command area and its associated airfields. Extensive radio and telephone equipment transmitted and received a constant flow of information from the various sector airfields as well as the Observer Corps, AA Command and the navy.

The "Duty fighter controller" was the Group GOC's personal representative and was tasked with controlling how and when each raid would be intercepted.

If the telephone system failed engineers would be on site within minutes to repair the broken links. On the morning of 13 August, the weather was bad and Göring ordered a postponement of raids.

They were to meet with their escorts from ZG 26 over the Channel. ZG 26 received the cancellation order, but II.

KG 2 had formed up by , led by Geschwaderkommodore Johannes Fink. Part of the ZG 26 formation that had taken off—led by Oberstleutnant Joachim Huth —tried to warn the Dorniers of the cancellation.

Unable to contact the bombers by radio, Huth tried to signal them by flying in front of them and performing aerobatics.

Fink ignored him and flew on. KG 2 flew around the coast to his target, Eastchurch airfield on the Isle of Sheppey. Albert Kesselring had issued orders for bombers to abandon missions if their escorts did not show up, but Fink did not want to be accused on failing to obey orders and continued onward even though the Bf s turned back.

The return leg would take KG 2 across No. But owing to the Observer Corps misjudging the direction of the bombers, owing to low-lying cloud, [73] and the radar not picking up the direction of the German bombers, the WAAF plotted the course of the raid incorrectly and the RAF failed to prevent the target being attacked.

For an hour after dawn on 13 August, there were few German tracks upon the plot tables in operations rooms, and none at all in the central and eastern Channel.

The first signs of concentration, however, came earlier than usual, for between and two formations of 30 or more aircraft were located in the Amiens area.

Unaware of the German intent, the controllers directed three full Squadrons and detachments of three others were alerted by Parts of No.

By , the German formations were well over the Channel. Not satisfied with the strength of the forces already airborne, controllers dispatched No.

The first combats began at KG 2 claimed 10 Spitfires destroyed on the ground. In fact, no Fighter Command fighters were lost. For some time afterward, this wrong claim convinced German intelligence that Eastchurch was a fighter station and the Luftwaffe would launch seven fruitless raids on it in the coming weeks.

Added to this mistake was the failure to keep up pressure. Raids were spaced out, giving the field time to recover. However, severe damage was done to the infrastructure.

Much equipment and ammunition was destroyed and 16 of the Command's personnel were killed. Eventually the bombers were intercepted.

KG 2 lost five Do 17s in the attempt. Six Dorniers were also badly damaged. In return, accurate fire from the Dornier gunners shot down two Hurricanes from the attacking Squadrons; No.

Malan himself shot down one Do Most units of Luftflotte 2 received the order to abandon morning operations, but some began their attacks aimed at airfields and ports in southern Britain.

Losses and results are unknown. Little damage was done. The cancellation order had not reached Luftflotte 3 HQ at all. Its commander, Hugo Sperrle ordered attacks to commence.

At , 20 Junkers Ju 88s of I. At , 18 Ju 88s from II. StG 77's target was obscured by cloud, but KG 54 continued to their target.

Four Ju 88s and one Bf from JG 2 was shot down. The German fighters claimed six RAF fighters and the bombers another In reality, the bombers only damaged five.

The Bf s destroyed only one and damaged another. Of the five RAF fighters damaged by the bombers, two were write-offs. Of the 20 claimed, just three fighters were lost and three pilots were wounded.

None were killed. Further missions by II. One Bf was shot down by No. At , V. The bombers' mission was cancelled. The order did not reach V.

The 23 Bf s continued to the target of Portland. They ran into No. Only one Hurricane was shot down and another damaged.

The official go-ahead was given at At , some 58—80 Ju 88s from I. The sweep failed to attract and divert RAF squadrons.

Instead, all it succeeded in doing was to alert the RAF defences a critical five minutes earlier. In response the whole of No.

One Staffel Squadron of II. Both headed for Portland. Several warehouses were destroyed and a cold storage plant was also knocked out.

All fires were under control by dusk. Only Andover airfield was hit, and it was used for bomber operations, not fighters.

They had escaped lightly. Poor intelligence suggested it was a bomber factory. Only later, in September, was it attacked and severely damaged.

However, even then the Germans were unaware of the damage inflicted to Spitfire production. The factory would later be broken up and production dispersed.

StG 77 was also in action, escorted by JG 27 Bf s. Both formations were heading for No. The Geschwader failed to find its target, dropping its bombs at random.

The other Ju 87 units had attracted much attention and StG 77 escaped unnoticed. Erprobungsgruppe were sent further east for an operation to attack targets near Southend.

They took off at and were escorted by ZG They found unbroken cloud over Essex. It failed to find the target and returned without incident.

JG 26 went out on a fighter sweep to clear the skies in advance of the attack. JG 26 lost one Bf over Folkestone from an unknown cause.

The Ju 87s bombed the station and 40 Bf s strafed it, killing the commander. The losses were disastrous for No.

H Lowe—and a further two were wounded. Results are unknown and losses are unclear. KG 55 suffered heavy losses the previous day, so its operations seemed limited.

On 12 August it lost 13 Heinkel He s and their crews. Significant damage was done to the factory producing the Short Stirling heavy bomber.

The RAF's No. According to the account of JG 26, the British fighters made little impression on the bombers.

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